Soil Enrichment Services

Soil Enrichment and Pest Control

It all starts in the soil. Ideally, we address our challenges (starting) from the ground up. The reality is- in most cases soils don’t go way “out of whack” in one year. Therefore,it usually takes more than a year (often several) to get it balanced and back to where it should be. It’s good to start with a soil test; so we can get a baseline. Then from there use soil friendly dry fertilizer blends and biological products. Along with that; cover crops can also be very helpful, assuming proper timing and a cover crop seeds that fit the crop rotation. 

It’s really comes down to nutrient balance. I can help with that. 

Another big factor is – weather patterns. We can be on the right track with soil fertility but get hit with several days of wet, cloudy weather and that can be enough to throw the nutrients out of balance within the plants themselves; potentially making the plants more susceptible to insects and diseases. That’s where preventative action comes in. Using products like Regalia (bio-fungicide) and Venerate (bio-insecticide) can help keep insects and diseases at bay. The key is prevention! Especially when using biological products. Btw both of the above products are OMRI listed organic products. Feel free to reach out for questions and additional information.
The biological products are becoming more and more popular with “conventional” growers often blending biological and conventional methods and products. For the organic growers, there has been many new products available on the market even in the last 5 years. 
We also offer on farm- boots on the ground crop consultation services. Specializing in mainline vegetable crops and whitetail food plots.
Wether you’re looking for regular in season farm visits or just one or two stops; let us know how we can serve you best.