About Us

We’re here to help you make the most out of the land you already have.

Meet Jason

I grew up around agriculture. Helped my dad on a chicken farm where we grew corn and soybeans. 

In early 2016 I transitioned to a seed and fertilizer company where I was trained to be a produce/ crop consultant. I was there for 4 yrs then decided to start my own company in early 2020.

I saw a need/ niche in being an independent crop consultant. And saw a need for that especially in the Lancaster county and surrounding region.


Our Mission

To multiply production and improve nutritional value for produce growers and outdoor enthusiasts through soil, plant, and disease consultation and education.


Our values

We Honor God
Stewarding the resources he has given us while following the principles of the kingdom of God, ethics, sowing and reaping, the golden rule, and integrity.
Believe in Agriculture
Ag is the primary base for nutritional food, which leads to health, happiness, and productivity. Great nutrition is a primary building block for a great life.
Commit to Excellence
High quality products and services. 
Customer Service
Prompt, responsive, engaging interactions that intentionally add value.
Continuous Learning
Staying up to date with new products & trends. Professional connections with other experts in the industry. Testing new concepts and ideas.
Profitable Growth
We are committed to creating double or more value out of what you invested in our services.

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